Corona | Cocambo

Cocambo is a journey into the world of coffee and chocolate and all the delicacies of artisan confectionery. Cocambo is a child’s dream come true. But it is also delight and excellence, experience and knowledge, for everyone: it is what we would like to pass on to you.

346-4792028 Viale Stazione 2, 33050 Aquileia (UD)


Cocambo – Catch the Taste!

Pasticceria Mosaico SAS
Viale Stazione 2/A
33051, Aquileia (UD) – Italy
P.I. 02727770303
REA UD283433
Tel. 3464792028

Opening Time

Mon-Sun 09.30 – 18.00
Tuesday (Closed)

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