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Cocambo is a journey into the world of coffee and chocolate and all the delicacies of artisan confectionery. Cocambo is a child’s dream come true. But it is also delight and excellence, experience and knowledge, for everyone: it is what we would like to pass on to you.

346-4792028 Viale Stazione 2, 33050 Aquileia (UD)


Cocambo is a journey into the world of chocolate

Cocambo is a journey into the world of coffee

Cocambo is a laboratory of goodness

Cocambo is social and sharing

Cocambo is cooking school

Cocambo is Virtual Reality

What to do in Cocambo?

Visit the Chocolate and Coffee Factory

In the special section with a view of the labs you can see our experts hard at work, practising their crafts. Or you can book the guided tour inside the Factory and see for yourself how to work the best coffee and the fantastic cocoa selected by Cocambo.

Try the path dedicated to coffee and chocolate

You can download our App dedicated to visits: with our App you will be guided through the visit with videos using augmented reality and the audio explanation of the paths. Choose the appropriate panels and click the box: with the QRCode you can take advantage of all the applications prepared for you. Be pampered by Gruè and Tomè, our cocoa bean and our coffee bean.

Learn from those who know how to dream

If instead you want to have a pleasant hands-on experience, sign up to the courses made for you: in the welcoming cooking lab on the first floor of the main building the best chefs and master confectioners await you. With them you can explore production techniques, try out the most exclusive recipes, taste the best products, learn the tricks of the trade.

Encouraging the meeting of professionals

Cocambo is the ideal place to organize business meetings and share projects.
The training room, located on the first floor, is designed to organize corporate events and training days, in a pleasant and relaxing environment.